Yolanda, a  Muse of Balance has a unique way of encouraging women to take charge of their body and mind to look younger and feel younger. She believes, beauty comes from the inside and it is reflected on the outside and for that reason, she created an innovative natural solution in skin wellness.

Beauty On Command, the Natural Facelift Method created by Yolanda is a combination of healthy lifestyle and facial exercise and skin nutrition. This method of retraining the facial muscles and stimulating a new collagen to restore the youthful firmness and glow. She recommends a specific daily routine to maintain the younger look and promises the results will last for as long as you follow the instructions. Double chin, nasolabial folds, and wrinkles along with stress melt away naturally.

Yolanda is fascinated with the beauty secrets of the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra and teachings of Edgar Cayce-the father of the holistic medicine. With her passion for beauty and education, she is an exciting addition to all women’s group events and retreats.

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