Yolanda Russo

Beauty Educator and Trainer

Life Coach and Beauty Expert

Yolanda, a  Muse of Balance  has a unique way of encouraging women to take charge of their body and mind in order to look younger and feel younger. She believes that beauty comes from the inside and it is reflected on the outside and for that reason she created an innovative natural solution in skin wellness Beauty On Command.

She is fascinated with the beauty secrets of the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra and teachings of Edgar Cayce-the father of holistic medicine.

Beauty On Command, the Natural Facelift Method created by Yolanda is a combination of healthy lifestyle and facial exercise that retrains the facial muscles so that the double chin, sagging cheeks, nasolabial folds and wrinkles melt away naturally.

This programa offers and viable alternative to painful injections and even plastic surgeries.

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