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Yolanda Russo Speaker and Trainer

Don't Blame Mother Nature For The Way You Look!

Yolanda, a  Muse of Balance  has a unique way of encouraging women to take charge of their body and mind so that they too can look and feel younger.

She wants to create an awareness of the Beauty On Command brand and educate women from all walks of life about the natural choices they now have when searching for the elixir of youth. Beauty On Command is a skin wellness that rewards everyone who follows this new lifestyle with younger looking skin and younger body and mind regardless of the age. All safe and natural.

She is fascinated with the beauty secrets of the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra and applies them in her spa practices and in her daily life. Yolanda is a great resource of natural home remedies that help people to save money and look younger without the need for painful injections or invasive surgeries.

Yolanda Russo, the speaker and trainer wants to make Beauty On Command accessible to everyone who chooses the safe and natural way of looking younger.

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