My Journey To Hope And Healing

It would have been so much easier to give up, I thought for a moment but at the same time a beam of light pierced my mind and soul and I declared a war on pain and suffering. I promised myself to find a way. Conventional medicine failed me and made me believe I was imagining it all. I knew I had to free myself from chains of pain and help those who suffer just like me. After spending the whole summer in bed I knew I don’t want to live this way any longer.

Yolanda Russo 

I’ve been helping people to heal naturally since 1996. I first became a licensed massage therapist, life coach and later an esthetician. I’ve been working with women to help battle the decline of inner and outer beauty. The sole purpose of my mission is to empower women and help them understand that inner beauty is innately connected to outer beauty.Stress and emotional pain  cause us to become unhappy and withdrawn, resulting in looking and feeling older. I went on to search for a natural or holistic way to cure my migraine.

I was aware that stress played a huge role in my condition and that’s where my journey began. I went on to study mind-body approach to healing. Even though it would take many  years to understand and lessen the severity of my migraines, I believe it was through this experience, that I would find the path to fulfill my purpose. This led me to my purpose. I’ve realized I needed to help others struggling with emotional or physical pain. I’ve been practicing holistic healing for past 2 decades and I am absolutely certain that our body can heal itself when the right conditions  are met. Our lifestyle is responsible for more than 70% of what we look like. I agree with the fact that stress is the worst offender causing all sorts of  diseases, skin aging, and unhappiness all over the world.


Nothing Holds Me Back Any Longer

 The world we live in today is, to say the least, complicated. It lacks the energy of love and forgiveness. This negative energy transmits a low vibration and everyone feels it as a discontentment. Why not emit the positive, higher energy, energy of love that is contagious. We can become a part of the solution in helping the world to be a better place. Let’s help each other to stop longing for a better world and do something about it. 

Let’s Help The Planet Earth Regain The Vibration Of Love and Forgiveness


I Have A Clear Vision For My Business

Many admit they feel unattractive when they come face-to-face with aging. Scientists studied heredity versus lifestyle and found that genetics play a very small part in our appearance, about 30% and the remaining 70% is linked to lifestyle and our daily environment. So, let’s not blame Mother Nature and take personal responsibility for the life we lead and turn back the clock naturally.   Your social life is directly influenced by your attitude. When you feel good, you look more attractive. People tend to gravitate toward positive people. Our physical appearance is the first thing people notice and it is important that we are comfortable with our looks no matter what it may be. As we age and we begin to look tired, the skin might be sagging and as a result, we lose confidence and even avoid an eye contact.  What do cosmetic companies know that you don’t?

Recent polls show that 1 out of 5 baby boomers either have had something done to enhance their appearance or will in the very near future. No one wants to look their age anymore. Cosmetic companies that put out the celebrity-endorsed products use those statistics in their marketing strategies. You might already be part of their campaign strategy. How many creams and potions have you purchased while watching those infomercials? How did they work for you? 

The truth is no cream can help you look younger. Creams are designed to be used as a tool to maintain the health of your skin. To truly maintain a younger appearance, your facial muscles must be energized, and only you can help to stimulate them. Begin living with more passion, smile more and live your life as if it were your last day on this planet. Give it all to that moment. Continue to be the giver and know how to receive.  Our body was meant to stay in complete equilibrium as any imbalance will cause stress. Mastering the ability to receive is difficult for most women, including me. We need to learn to accept gifts and accept love and attention. And that brings up a profound lesson I’ve learned many years ago. 

She was in her second year of college and on a heavy dose of migraine medication. I agreed to help her to curb the migraine pain and worked with her for 6 months. She felt better and ask her doctor about the medications. Another 6 months and we got it down to a bare minimum. Her migraines had been triggered by stress, just like mine. I completely understood what she was experiencing, having gone through that myself. I taught her to dig deep into her soul for answers that might be holding her back from relaxing her brain. I showed her methods of breathing to reset the mind-body connection and become happy again. 

Two years later she graduates from college and gets married. I get to be invited to her wedding as a thank you. I knew she was happy and wanted me to see her happy. I finally accepted it after a struggle. I am glad I did.

I Am Pain Free And Moving On With Life

Beauty and great looks can be a blessing as you may be rewarded with more opportunities in life, make more money, and have more confidence as a result of physical attractiveness. On the other hand, beauty can be a curse. People can go to extremes just to look younger. Some might develop unhealthy obsessions such as eating disorders or even resort to dangerous plastic surgeries. Since the beginning of time, we have known that each cell in our bodies, except for brain cells, has a finite lifespan. Our body has the wisdom to rebuild itself entirely every 7 years. And that means we get to enjoy total body transformation every 7 years. We can choose our future look! 

The intention behind the creation of the Beauty On Command Method was to help those who are searching for solutions to help themselves — those who are willing to play an active role in the process of renewing and reversing skin aging. The healthier their lifestyle the quicker the results. Beauty On Command stimulates the circulation in the skin and the muscles of the face and supplies energy to the new cells, thus keeping the skin strong and vibrant. It gives women another choice when it comes to face lifting.  This completely safe and natural solution is for those who love and respect their body and are not willing to injure it on the quest to looking years younger. I believe that the first step to looking younger is stress reduction. As a wellness professional, I recommend my clients practice daily meditation. Stress has the ability to damage and destroy our cells in a matter of days, making the skin look sallow and expressionless.

Holding breath, clenching the teeth and staying up late at night among other things makes us look older. Oxygen is life, we need to breathe. Water is life, we need to hydrate the body and lastly stress causes the face to look sallow and of course, the dark circles are frequently a result of a poor sleeping habit. Every day I am rewarded with seeing my clients go through a complete transformation immediately after the treatment she looks younger and happier as if a ‘veil’ is lifted off her face.

How Do I Reverse The Skin Aging


The Beauty On Command concept to me back in 2003 when I owned a Wellness Spa. Many clients came to experience our body scrubs, massages, zero-gravity relaxation treatments, as well as facials. What fascinated me was seeing how their faces were transformed after any of our treatments. That intrigued me and I began to research and record what I have been seeing. I needed to know that one thing that was making them look different. After observing this unique experience for some time I came to a conclusion.

The more prepared and relaxed client was for their treatment the better the outcome.

 People often ask me, how do I relax when my brain is racing? 

During the time when I operated the Day Spa, I used a color therapy and music to prepare the clients for their treatments. My intention was to offer them an environment where they could forget the real world. The pretreatment, rest area was flooded with slowly moving colors of the rainbow. Clients loved to bathe in this energy that allowed them to go to a place where they became FREE. This phenomenon gave birth to Beauty On Command Method Beauty On Command Method. 

I clearly understood that part of us that needs to let go and feel weightless is completely in our control. Once we experience it we can recreate it and look and feel younger whenever we want to and wherever we want to. And with that knowledge, I am able to help thousands of people who came to my clinic located in Caldwell NJ.  

Today most people operate on an auto-pilot. They get to the destination without knowing how they got there. They live their life by default. Most tend to talk to others without lifting their heads off the blue screen of their phone. The mere fact of not being present moment deprives them of the peace and happiness.

Finally, I Have The Freedom Of Time And Money


SPECIAL REPORT 3 Mistakes That Cost You $47,736 a Year.

As an esthetician, you know that you have a gift to offer to the world and I know that you are doing everything you can to attract clients and retain their loyalty. Not all clients appreciate your  talents and as a result, don’t return especially when they come in with a promotion. Your ideal client is one who trusts your knowledge and recommendations, she/he is a client who is willing to become a partner in care.

You’re in the right place if you feel …

● Frustrated because you can’t erase wrinkles cosmetically because you can’t erase wrinkles cosmetically

● Tired from working so many hours in the treatment room from working so many hours in the treatment room

● Disappointed with clients who are only loyal to the lowest price with clients who are only loyal to the lowest price

● Worried  about paying your bills about paying your bills

● Insecure about the future of your spa about the future of your spa

 Don’t worry in this report I’m going to show you how you can….

● Retain clients who stay with you no matter what kind of discounts they see out there

● Double the value of each client  

● Easily secure your monthly cash flow and protect your business against seasonal slumps seasonal slumps

 I started my healing journey as a massage therapist in 1996 and my focus was migraine pain. After a couple of years, I realized that I was not only helping people to ease the condition but

I was able to erase the ‘pain’ from their faces.

 After five short years, I was ready to open a full-service European Day Spa. Word got around and people traveled from a far distance to receive European spa treatments. I equipped the spa with the latest technology among the unique, German-made floatation bed. Clients were experiencing relaxation and relief from discomforts. The zero gravity bed offered something short of a miracle and our clients were thrilled to describe the experience as ‘zoning out.’ It was especially helpful for those with joint pain and sleep problems. Even though I was grateful to the universe for the opportunity to have my business flourish and see the clients happy, I wasn’t happy. There was something in me that did not allow me to enjoy the journey. I was working 60+ hours and was so devoted to the quick business expansion that I put myself last on the list of our payroll sheet, and somehow I was earning less than the employees. I knew this can’t continue. Even though the spa was doing well, there wasn’t much left at the end of the month. The reason was the industry followed a wrong paradigm, the Dollar Per Hour system, in addition, the service commissions were 40%+ which left the thriving as it seems business with a little money at the end of the month. I truly hope you are not making the same mistake of charging less than you are worth and hoping things will get better. Are you having similar problems in your business? Then let me help you to get clear on your path to success. I’ve been there before! 

When the dreaded 9/11 happened people suffered huge losses, their loved ones perished, many lost their jobs and the future became unknown. The stress levels were very high and you could see it on everyone’s faces. I knew that the energy is shifting and people need empathy more than the pampering. Then came the recession of 2007 and in 2009 I decided to consolidate and go solo again.

 Based on my market research I knew I should focus on the one thing I could deliver with passion. While googling for answers I noticed a dramatic increase in non-invasive anti-aging  procedures and plastic surgeries. My first thought was that people were depressed over the recent events in NYC and were just splurging to make themselves happy… but I was wrong.

The life stresses caused by the departure of their friends, co-workers and loved ones in addition to a job loss due to the destruction of the Twin Towers and its surrounding area created the need to look better and younger. All of a sudden people in their 40’s and 50’s found themselves looking for a new job and competing for the same job with the younger counterparts. People were intimidated by being interviewed by people who were the age of their children. It was clearly the age factor.

Prior to Beauty on Command Natural Facelift Beauty on Command Natural Facelift I was working too many hours, working with too many people and could not take a day off. It seemed like every minute of my working day was spent in the facial room and I was earning a dollar per minute. The busier I got the more tired I was. I was on a verge of burning out until one day I said there is got to be a better way.  

Armed with what I knew about the needs of clients at that time I set out to specialize in Natural Face Lifting. I then carefully chose the ideal clients from those who were already spending money with me. I asked them if they would be willing to try my new treatment at a discount. I was happy to see that everyone wanted to try it. For the next 6 months, I took my program to the test and took the menu down, and started offering just this facial treatment. As the popularity of Beauty on Command Natural Facelift grew so did the testimonials.

 Not long after the trial period was over, I was able to increase the price by 30% and then 50% and noticed an immediate change in my schedule and in the customer satisfaction. People were more than happy to pay a premium for their facial treatments because they saw the amazing results. I’ve created a special VIP Membership designed exclusively for those who completed the Natural Facelift package. What I offered in this membership was very hard to say no to, they got discount on their facial in addition to a discount on our proprietary skin care products. It was a win-win situation that allowed me to have a secure monthly cash flow and more free time.

I added a Free Consultations to the menu which turned out to be a perfect solution for generating new clients.  I finally worked fewer hours and made more money.

Dollar Per Hour Paradigm Doesn’t Work.

I’ve never stopped planning for the future. I kept tweaking and improving my system from marketing to promoting it and delivering the service. I named this comprehensive system Beauty On Command Business Model which is now offered as training for skin care professionals/spa owners. I invite you to take the first step in discovering if this program can work for your business.  

I can’t wait to speak with you and help you to create a better future for your business. GET TO KNOW YOU



Mistake #1

Not asking the client about the goals for their facial treatment.

During the early 2000’s, the spa industry was in its early growth stages in that it spa-goers were considered rich and spoiled. The focus of the spa was to provide luxurious and relaxing time for the guests. The rest of the world was far ahead of us. People in Europe, for example, were visiting sanatoriums for the whole month during the summer getting their well being restored. Europe’s spas were offering healing in addition to beautifying services. 

The fact was that spas were offering relaxing facials during which the therapist could not educate a client on the skin’s condition or the homecare. Clients weren’t looking for a solution and Beauty Schools were not motivated to change anything in the education system. 

Today we are much more aware of the Mind-Body connection and we apply it in our businesses as much as we know how. Some skin care specialists go out of their way to take extra courses and learn new techniques and systems while others follow the old paradigm. Clients don’t trust us in our ability to help reverse the skin aging and look into invasive procedures to get what they want. Imagine you could offer an effective and completely natural solution to skin aging 

When a client commits to a regular facial and spends several hundred dollars without looking significantly younger, they will eventually look somewhere else for answers. This usually means booking a visit to a plastic surgeon clinic. The next thing you know, you just lost a $2000 a year client!

Increasing by 4% each year

NonInvasive Procedures In 2015. Up 4% Each Year


 Here is proof.

Typically each client brings $1200/year: 12 visits a year @$100 each. What if you offer them a microdermabrasion package or light therapy in addition to their facials for $400, it brings an extra $400-$600 per client a year. What if they bought retail 4 times a year conservatively speaking at $200 per quarter?

By making more money you can work less and be available to talk to clients and recommend skin care products that they need anyways. You can even offer free consultations and since 90% of those clients book a facial you get new business without even marketing your spa.

 Mistake #2 

Not offering advice about self-care and home remedies

 Thanks to the internet and more open conversations with the experts,  customers today are savvier than ever before. They know to ask the right questions and they want to learn how to take care of their skin at home. They are looking up to the skin care professional for advice in the selection of the correct skin care products. Cosmetic companies are constantly putting out new products based on popular keyword searches. The sad truth is cosmetic companies are in business to make money not to help. You are there to be that buffer so please don’t be intimidated to tell your clients about your retail products. If they don’t buy it from you they will most likely visit a department store and choose what is recommended to them by the person at the counter who does not understand the skin and the ingredients like you do.   

Together we can change the landscape of this business and help clients count on us to help them with all of their skin needs. We are the experts!

The reasons for this are many but mainly because most estheticians are working too many hours and are not able to take the time and offer post-treatment consultations. They are too busy meeting daily quotas. In addition, not many professionals take questions and consultations seriously and that is why the clients don’t come back. They are not unique in delivering the services even if they add extras to make the client happy. Since the same facial for the same price is offered next door from their spa clients will keep trying others until they find the right fit. I want to trust me on this, the hours you spent consulting or advising the client on a home routine it is a minimal investment into the future of your business. People like to see that you care and want to help them to get involved in their skin care and learn what to do at home. They really want to spend less time and money looking for the right product on the internet or the department store. They’d love to see a well-designed plan that would solve their problems once for all. Beauty On Command Business Model shows you exactly how to do that.

Here is how I am selling without being sells-y. 

 When I began working with my new facial package Natural Facelift, I quickly realized I need to create a training or a maintenance program so that they could easily follow the program. I could either do it for them or they would do it at home. Instead of selling the idea to my clients I posted a sign that read Maintenance Program Only. VIP Membership with benefits clearly spelled out.  To my surprise most joined without me explaining it to them. That’s how simple that was. And I can teach you many different marketing methods I’ve used. In addition to a predictable monthly cash flow, I’ve gained a reputation of the skincare expert. This status allowed me to help them stay on track and keep an eye on their progress and become the go-to professional for selecting a correct skin care which they came back to repurchase every three months. 

This exclusive loyalty program helped me created a better relationship with my clients. At times I had to refocus them and ask questions when their skin did not look as I expected it. The truth is no one ever got offended because we had a loyalty pact. I was there to help them stay on track. I was not the doer, they were. They have a complete control over the outcome because they needed  to participate. Interesting but true. Clients are willing to follow a plan set for them and will stay loyal for as long as they see you care and they see the results in addition to their friends and family.

 Mistake #3

Referring your clients to plastic surgeons

 With the increased popularity of social media and selfies, many people don’t like the way they age and come to us asking our opinion about Botox fillers and even plastic surgery. Until  now there wasn’t any viable natural solution to this problem and most skin care professionals had to refer them out. What if you could keep your clients safe and loyal to your business by offering a Natural Facelift? 

Beauty on Command Natural Facelift is a proven tried and true non-invasive system that lifts, tones, and firms the skin naturally! Your clients will love how this effective yet relaxing facial treatment makes them look and feel. And you’ll love it because it helps you to

 ● Attract more clients

● Create loyalty Create loyalty

● Allows you to spend half as much time in the treatment room

● Increases value of the client

And the best part is, you don’t need big staff or huge space, you don’t even need any special equipment other than what you use right now. Sound incredible? Well, I’ve done it and I’d love to show you how you can do it too!

Schedule your  Let’s Get To Know You call and find out how you can offer this facial program in your spa. You’ll also learn about the details of what’s needed to quickly implement this program into your practice.

Before you decide to invest in your business let’s map out an exact plan on how to implement this program into your business for quickest return on investment.

 To your success,

Yolanda Russo, creator of

Beauty On Command Business Model

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