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 Beauty On Command Natural Facelift Method.

My name is Yolanda Russo, an esthetician and beauty trainer for past two decades. I believe spa clients are looking for result oriented treatments and they don’t want to go under the knife to get it.

I started to work in a wellness industry in 1996. I became to love this profession so much that I put all of my money and the efforts into building my own full service European Spa which opened its doors in 2003.  I created a perfect space to relax and recover. Many of my clients were suffering from losing loved ones in the 9/11 attack.

After devoting all of my time and resources to running a perfect business I realized that my life was passing me by. I did not have time for ME. I worked 60 hours a week and was making less money than my employees!

I knew something had to change. Clearly I was lead to finding this One Thing to use my divine gift and set me free. I decided to focus on skincare and let go of all of the wonderful treatments and services that made everyone happy but kept us too busy without a significant rewards.

In January of 2009 I opened European Facial Spa. After learning so many invaluable lessons in the past I’ve decided to invest my time and money into a business coach who can help me to navigate my way to success.

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Today 8 years later I work 4 days a week and have a steady and predictable income doing what I love!

How did it begin? I started from testing the market so that I could design a perfect solution for my clients. I know what they needed but was surprised to learn what they wanted. They all wanted to look younger! That gave me the clarity and confidence to put all of my knowledge of biology, nutrition,wellness, massage therapy and skin care into this One Thing which became

Beauty On Command Method–Natural Face Lift. Why did I name this treatment Beauty On Command?

I noticed that my clients were more likely to participate in their home care when they found out that there is more to the daily skin care routine then just applying creams to the skin. Once they learned that this simple process can give them control over the skin aging process they were willing to learn the face massage routine and repeat it as often as they wished.

That was powerful!  Not only my clients were willing to follow this process at home but they felt empowered. Many of them became loyal clients who come back every month to double check if they are following the routine correctly . For many of them getting older did not equate with looking older anymore.

I finally  succeeded in finding this One Thing and I want to help more people to succeed in business so that they too can help their clients to achieve the more youthful look naturally. My Train-The-Trainer Program shows spa owners and skin care professionals how to reinvent their spa business. There is no need to invest in an expensive equipment and no additional license it required to perform this revolutionary treatment.

Professionals read more about Beauty On Command and be listed at Directory Of Spa’s offering Beauty On Command

Learn more by scheduling a call with me at  201 301 0739.

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